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Charlie Falls Through

Charlie didn’t make it until Tuesday. He went through the ice late Monday night, March 19th!  Congratulations to Gene Wengert, this year’s Ice Out Winner. He chose March 19th at 4PM. Is March going to become the norm for ice out?  2 out of 3 years now Charlie has gone swimming in March. The average date for ice out here is mid-April.

John, Kelly and I were in Green Bay when the event happened. (We took Kelly to the Lambeau Field tour for her birthday).  Thanks to the watchful eyes of our carpenters we have the picture for you. By the time we arrived home tonight Charlie was lying along the shore. He broke free from his chair.

Charlie this morning at 7AM. I left the carpenter's on Charlie watch while we were gone and as you can see at 7 AM this morning most of the ice was gone. Unbelievable how fast the ice went out this year.


Charlie must have been tired of his chair as he broke free and floated to the shoreline.


It made for an easy retrieval.


John will have to get his waders on to retrieve the chair.


All the ice is gone. We even saw fish jumping at the surface of the water tonight.


Charlie drying off.

Charlie Falls Through2012-03-20T20:01:22+00:00

Charlie’s leaning

The warm weather continues to aid in Charlies early swimming date. Will he last until tomorrow?

How much longer can I hang on?

Charlie’s leaning2012-03-19T10:06:38+00:00

Charlie is still holding on……

Hello all….sorry it’s been awhile since I’ve posted anything. We had a very successful sport show in Milwaukee. Thanks to all our guests who stopped by our booth to say hello. It was good to see you. Makes us ready for the season to start and to have the sound of vacationers back again. I tried blogging from my phone while we were at the show, but it wouldn’t let me. Then our internet went down and I’m finally back up and running. So for all of you curious how Charlie is surviving these warm temps, here you go.

Despite all the warm weather Charlie is still holding on, but the question is: “For how long?”

Fifty people made guesses this year for the ice out contest. Another year with an early spring. It’s hard to believe that most of the snow is already gone. Was it really only 2 weeks ago that there was 35 inches of snow on the ground! Here’s the pictures of Charlie in the last week.

Charlie was still surrounded by snow on March 11th.

St. Patrick's Day brings Charlie sitting in melting ice.

Charlie is sitting about 70 feet off shore just beyond the end of the main dock.

With the temperatures in the 70's today Charlie is starting to lean.

Here are some pictures I took around the property today. Most of the snow is gone and John is already outside getting the grounds ready for your arrival!

The ice is beginning to melt at the shore line.

The ice has completely left the boat landing area.

The piles of snow are still lingering by Loon and Mallard.

Charlie is still holding on……2012-03-18T15:49:35+00:00

Melting snow

I received the following two pictures from our carpenters on March 7th. The 22 inches of snow we got the last week of February melted in less than 2 days due to the unseasonably warm temps. With that much melting in such a short period of time I received the text: “Would you like us to do something about this flooding?”

The ponds were flooded covering all the pathways.


If you look hard enough you will see the pathway under the water. You would get a bit wet walking to the Tuesday picnic.

Melting snow2012-03-18T15:28:28+00:00

Where to go with the snow?

John has spent the last two days cleaning up the snow. He’s running out of places to go with it.

For those of you who stay in Musky we have the entrance pretty well blocked.


How long will it take for the pile at Loon to melt?

Where to go with the snow?2012-03-02T09:48:39+00:00

2012 Ice Out Contest

Charlie the Chipmunk has made his 3rd annual trek out onto the ice. Will you be the 2012 Ice Out winner? Make a guess as to when the ice will go out and when Charlie will fall though the ice. Two years ago Charlie fell through on March 25th, which is the earliest it has gone out in many years. Last year Charlie chose tax day, April 15th.  The ice can go out as early as late March and as late as early May.  So choose your date carefully.

When will Charlie fall through this year? It’s anybody’s guess and you could have the winning date and time.  If Charlie sinks after dark he will be credited to the next day. John and Sue need some sleep too. 

All you need to do is email us at [email protected] with your date and time of day as to when Charlie will fall through the ice. All entries must be in our email by March 15th. The contest is open to any age and the winner will get their name added to the plaque in the lodge lobby.

Good Luck and we hope you have fun with the third annual Charlie the Chipmunk Contest. Come back often as we will keep updating photos of Charlie.

Securing Charlie to his chair.


Charlie's keeping an eye on the resort.


Charlie's waiting to see who will guess correctly.

2012 Ice Out Contest2012-03-01T15:36:54+00:00

Breaking Trail

With the wonderful snow we had yesterday John and I were itching to get out and snowshoe. It was beautiful and a great workout. Breaking trail in 20 inches (deeper where the drifts were) gave our legs quite a workout. Enjoy the pictures.

Breaking trail in the deep snow. John and I took turns leading. I decided to let him have the hill portion of the trail.


This gives you an idea of the depth of the snow.


This is one of my favorite parts of the trail.


Looking out at the point.


Beautiful snow landscape everywhere you look.


For those of you who have walked out nature trail in the summer this picture is taken in the cedar bog. Sure was a lot nicer to snowshoe today with all the snow and not fight all the ground brush.


Entering the bog area.

Breaking Trail2012-03-01T15:24:57+00:00
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