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Charlie’s retrieval

We pulled Charlie out of the lake today. He’s been washed and packed away for next year.

No canoe retrieval this year. Charlie floated towards the shore.


With no cement block on Charlie this year, he was easier to fish out of the lake.


Charlie drying out.



Charlie’s retrieval2011-04-19T16:13:46+00:00

And John thought he was done with this!

The 6 inches of snow that fell Saturday/Sunday had John out shoveling again. And he thought he was safe to put all the shovels away! At least the storm that was predicted for tonight has been downgraded from 10-12 inches to 2-4 inches. That will help in getting the grounds ready for all our guests.

Snow in April has become the norm.

And John thought he was done with this!2011-04-19T16:06:46+00:00

Charlie Sinks

We kept an eye on Charlie all day and the wind did the job. He sunk around 6PM tonight. Congratulations to Randy Friesema who wins this year’s ice out contest! There were three other people who chose today; John Fenley, Matthew Herringa and Lynn Herringa. But Randy’s time of 4:10 PM was the closest to Charlie’s demise. WE didn’t tie a cement block onto Charlie this year and the life jacket is strong enough to help both Charlie and the chair float. IT’s good to know the life jackets do their job!

 We hope you all had fun with this years ice out contest. We look forward to next year. We’ll post pictures when Charlie is retrieved from the lake. There is still a lot of ice to leave the lake. It’s been slow this year with all the fluctuations of temperatures.

Charlie will float for a while until we can retrieve him.

Charlie Sinks2011-04-15T19:42:52+00:00

Tax day just might be Charlie’s day

With the high winds today, Charlie just might make his final plunge. Or will the 5 inches of snow they are predicting for tonight freeze the water back up around him. Stay tuned, I’ll keep you posted of any changes.

Will Charlie completely submerge today?

Tax day just might be Charlie’s day2011-04-15T12:15:43+00:00

Warm temps and snow equal fog

As the temperatures continue to rise (they say near 70 today) the snow is creating foggy conditions.

Boat house in the fog

Hard to see Charlie today.

Warm temps and snow equal fog2011-04-10T15:10:34+00:00

Red Oaks and Hideaway Facelift

This winter we refurbished the bedrooms and bathroom in Red Oaks and Hideaway. Red Oaks bedrooms are now larger and both vacation homes have nice larger showers.

Hideaway bedroom

Hideaway bathroom

Red Oak Bedroom

Red Oak bathroom

Red Oaks and Hideaway Facelift2011-04-09T12:05:27+00:00

Not much change with Charlie

Even with the temperatures reaching the 60 degree mark, Charlie is still enjoying his time on the ice. The ice is just beginning to recede from the shore line. How long will Charlie hang on?

Still leaning!

There's still snow on the beach.

The boat landing ice went out today.

Not much change with Charlie2011-04-08T11:48:11+00:00

Charlie’s leaning!

With the temperatures rising……it’s 52 degrees here right now…..Charlie is beginning to lean. Last week we were still making ice as the morning temperatures hovered around zero. Trucks were still on the lake ice fishing and there was 20 inches of ice on the lake. This weeks forecast is in the 50’s all week. We’ll keep a daily picture going of Charlie’s progress into the chilly waters of White Birch Lake. Those of you who chose mid April may be the winners! Thirty-eight of you voted this year! After the winner is announced we’ll post all the votes! Good luck everyone!

Charlie is leaning!

Charlie’s leaning!2011-04-05T16:48:20+00:00
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