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Dock day will soon be here.

The ice has left the lake and soon our docks will go in the water. Next Wednesday, May 15th is the magical day for the 65 dock sections to make their way.

The beach is the winter home for half of our docks.

The other half winter along the shore by our main dock.

Mister muskrat was enjoying munch at the beach today.

He had no idea I was there taking his picture.

Dock day will soon be here.2019-05-07T21:53:37+00:00

Helping our local wildlife

Everyone loves they sound of the loon and watching the eagle soar over the lake. We are doing all can to help protect these beautiful creatures. Last week John and a friend put up Loon Sanctuary signs on the island. Hopefully this will help our Loons have a successful hatch this year.

John with the loon sanctuary sign.

John and Joe putting the signs on the island.

Thanks to Loon Watch we will also be posting the “loon alert” and “lead alert” signs around the property.

If we all work together we can help protect our local wildlife!

Helping our local wildlife2019-05-07T21:55:11+00:00
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