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Charlie takes a swim

I was all set to give an update today for Charlie that he has fallen down on the job. Below are the photos taken yesterday, March 29th.

But with the warm temps and high winds today Charlie went swimming. Congratulations to Debby Taves who chose March 30th for the plunge.

This photo was taken at noon.

This was also taken at noon. You can see that Charlie has fallen through, but is still surrounded by ice.

By 5PM Charlie is completely free from the ice and is now resting on the shoreline.

Thank you to all 81 people who made a guess for Charlie’s plunge. Only 5 of you chose March and this was year for early ice out.

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Charlie update

It rained all day yesterday. I tried to get a photo of Charlie, but there was too much fog. He’s still sitting firmly on the ice. The snow is all gone on the ice, so he’s sitting on a slick surface right now. We have a week of temps in the 40’s, but the nights are still going down to the teens, so Charlie will be sitting there for a while yet.

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2021 Ice Out Contest

Charlie is on the ice!
It’s time for the 2021 Ice Out Contest.
Will you be this year’s winner?
We’d love to have you be a part of our Ice Out Contest. This is Charlies 12th year of sitting out on the lake. We’d love to have you be a part of our Ice Out Contest.
There are 2 ways you can send us your guess:
Send an email to [email protected]
Post it on our Facebook Ice Out post
Be sure to include the DATE and TIME that you think Charlie will fall through the ice. In the 11 previous years the earliest Charlie has fallen through the ice is March 19th and the latest is May 6th.
All guesses are due by March 15th. No guesses after that will be recorded. The person whose DATE and TIME is the closest will be the winner and get their name on our Ice Out Contest plaque. If Charlie falls through the ice during the night, the date will be credited to the next day.
We’ll post updates here on our blog and our Facebook page. Have fun everyone! Get your guesses into us soon. There is plenty of ice and SNOW still on the lake. In fact, 9 more inches fell on Sunday.
Our grandson, Wyatt had fun getting Charlie ready to go on the ice. Of course, he had to try Charlie on first. Then Wyatt and his dog Tiller helped to put him on the ice.
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