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All the ice is gone!

All the ice left the lake during the night. The warm temps and high winds yesterday helped break the rest of the ice up. John and I watched the ice berg move across the lake last night. The wind was so strong we could see it moving! It was a cool sight! Now the wait forthe loons to arrive. It shouldn’t take them long even with the early ice out.

All the ice is gone!2010-03-31T10:07:23+00:00

Charlie takes the plunge!

Congratulations to Gene Jugenitz who came the closest to the date that Charlie took the plunge. Charlie fell through the ice  during the weee hours of the morning on March 25th. All that you could see this morning was the buoy. Charlie looks forward to drying off and getting ready for next years trek out onto the ice.  What’s up next for Charlie? Where will he show up next? If you’re here vacationing at White Birch Village this summer, you’ll have to see if you can find him!

Some more ice still needs to go out before we go retrieve him from the cold depths of White Birch Lake.

Charlie takes the plunge!2010-03-25T21:40:20+00:00

Thanks to Everyone who Entered the Ice Out Contest!

Who will win the contest and get their name on the Charlie the Chipmunk Plaque?

April 8th      Gene Jugentiz

April 15th    Marsha Stierwalt

April 21st     Chris Roberts and Fred Whitemarsh

April 24th    Debbie Carlson

April 30th    Mark Stierwalt

May 2nd        Kevin Carlson

May 5th          Jim Zajac

Thanks to Everyone who Entered the Ice Out Contest!2010-03-24T12:08:20+00:00

Charlies Leaning!

Ice out is going to be early this year. With all the warm temperatures this March the ice is melting quickly. How much longer will Charlie hold on before dropping through the ice? What do you think?

Charlie is leaning pretty good. Will he make it until April before he takes the plunge?

Here's what the shoreline looks like.

Charlies Leaning!2010-03-24T11:33:49+00:00

The trees came tumbling down!

We tackled 13 of the largest dead trees on the property today. John and Joe (our newest staff member) will be kept very busy with the clean up!

A little more sun will make its way to the basketball court now with this large tree gone.

We lost the big birch tree by the main dock this winter. It split in half and luckily fell away from the light posts.

We took down 3 large trees behind Balsam Fir.

And the clean up begins......thankfully the weather is beautiful outside!

The chain saws are getting a good work out!

Nothing goes to waste! Our carpenters took some of the large logs to make tables from them.

The trees came tumbling down!2010-03-16T17:00:01+00:00

Charlie’s Preparing for the Rain!

The weather this past week has been unbelievable,.several days in the 50’s and upper forties for the next week yet. I’m sure a spring snowstorm is still in our future, but for now the forecast is calling for rain. So Charlie decided he better have an umbrella with him to stay dry. Don’t forget to send in your guess for when the ice will go out. Their have been several guesses so far, but we would love to see more. Mail them by March 20th.

Charlie's always prepared.

Charlie’s Preparing for the Rain!2010-03-10T11:29:24+00:00

Vacation Homes get a facelift

Our carpenters have been busy this winter giving both Balsam Fir and Hideaway a facelift. Here’s a sneak peek at the progress.

Balsam Fir's new look

Balsam Fir's enlarged bedroom.

Hideaway's new look

Hideaway's new kitchen

Vacation Homes get a facelift2010-03-08T11:09:16+00:00

John and his Friends

John had an exciting day out on the ice snowshoeing! See who decided to join him on the ice!

John enjoying his new found friends!

John and his Friends2010-03-05T12:06:25+00:00

Creative Ice Shanty

People are so creative! This ice shanty has been on Lake Minocqua all winter. Fun to see as you are driving through town.

Creative Ice Shanty2010-03-02T09:16:09+00:00
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