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Hello there

John has his stealth camera out once again looking for sign of deer. Looks like he found it!

Hello there!

Hello there2010-11-02T22:24:27+00:00

The beavers been at it again!

The beaver keeps John busy. The beaver builds under the bridge and John tears it down. This happens on a daily basis. I’m sure the poor beaver what keeps happening to his home.

The beaver seems to show up every morning at 2 AM.

Amazing what he can get done in 2 hours!

The birds enjoy the beavers handiwork!

The beavers been at it again!2010-04-29T14:11:23+00:00

The Stealth Cam has been busy

The stealth camera has captured a few pictures that last couple of days. Most of the pictures were taken at night so are in black and white, but it still was fun to see who was visiting and when. The photos have the time it was taken (using a 24 hour clock) and the temperature. Enjoy!

Can you figure out who this curious creature is?

The beaver was caught in the act!Even the birds are posing for the camera.

Even the birds are posing for the camera.

The Stealth Cam has been busy2010-04-12T12:25:33+00:00
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