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Mama duck

We have a mama duck with 13 ducklings swimming in the creek. It’s been a few years since we’ve had the opportunity to  watch the ducklings. Enjoy the pictures.

IMG_0337 IMG_0338 IMG_0339

This little guy was fun to watch. He was determined to swim up the rocks. He’d dive under water and surface over and over again. But the water current was just too strong for him.


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Snow in June?

Would you believe snow in June?


Is it or isn’t it?


Sure looks like it, doesn’t it?


Truth is, it’s not. The poplar trees have had an amazing seed producing year. We’ve never seen so many seed tufts fall like they have this year. I guess mother nature didn’t want us to forget too quickly what snow looks like and had to give us the sense that snow was still on the ground.

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Fire Destroys two vacation homes

It is with sadness that I write this post. White Birch Village suffered a loss yesterday. At 8:30 yesterday morning we found Cattail and Heron Haus on fire. The fire departments were unable to save the two vacation homes. The initial determination was a lightning strike during the night that smoldered in the furnace room. We are very thankful for our smoke alarms working properly that allowed the occupants to get out safely. We also are very grateful for the local fire departments that responded so quickly and did all they could to help save the building. Thankfully with the opening of our new unit we were able to re-book all our Cattail and Heron Haus guests to other units at the resort. No one’s vacation has been interrupted, which we are very grateful for. We look forward to seeing all of our guests this summer. For those who have heard and contacted us. Thank you for all your concern and prayers. John and I appreciate it very much. You as our guests are the core of our business and we appreciate everyone’s loyalty and support.


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