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Leap Day brings snow

What a wonderful snowfall! We had 22 inches of snow fall in the last 24 hours. It is the best snowfall we have had in over 6 years in the Northwoods. The snowmobile trails will be busy this weekend. for those of you who have not had much snow this winter enjoy the pictures.

Plowing the snow almost came to the bottom of our entrance sign.


Standing on County K looking toward the Rec Building.


Is that Willy the Whale under all that snow?


The space between Red Oaks and the Lodge is always a wind tunnel as you can see here by the drifts.


As always the creek makes for the best photos.


Slow children sign is almost under snow.


Woodducks steps.

With the wet and heavy snow it's hard to see the Spa building behind the trees.


Standing on Hillcrest's deck looking toward the lodge.


The boat house.


Just for fun: Ice fishing this weekend even the smallest of musky's were hungry. This little guy didn't want to let go of the bait.

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Ice Fishing a success

This past weekend we had a few people up for ice fishing. It was a slow weekend, but everyone hung in there and  this morning proved to be a little different.

Enjoying the snowfall.


John patiently waiting for the next bite.


John and Sam hoping to catch something.


The perch were biting. Made for a good dinner.


Success this morning. 38 inch musky caught on 2 pound test. Everyone had fun bringing in the fish.

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Dinner for Two

The beavers have been busy eating all winter out on the flowage near the picnic pavilion. I captured these two today. How appropriate that there were two dining on vegetation on Valentine’s Day.

Enjoying dinner


Close-up view

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Nature Trail in the Winter

Snow conditions this winter haven’t been the greatest for snowshoeing. I did get out last week after a new fallen snow. The nature trail is pretty with all the snow on the trees.

the nature trail signs helps find your way after a snow fall.


I followed a foxes trail for quite awhile on my hike.


You can see some of the the lake through the trees.


The resort from the lake

Nature Trail in the Winter2012-02-01T15:20:16+00:00
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