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Charlie continues for short while longer

There are still enough kids around to enjoy looking for Charlie. so another week for Charlie!

Congratulations Jeremy and Matthew for finding Charlie.

Their mom came up with a great clue....How much wood could a woodchuck chuck....although it is a duck. Can you figure out where he is?

Charlie continues for short while longer2010-08-28T16:08:30+00:00

Trip to the Porcupine Mts

On Wednesday we took a trip up to the Porcupine Mts and then headed over to Bond Falls. It was a beautiful day, sunny, a nice breeze (so no bugs) and temperature around 70. I couldn’t have asked for better hiking weather.  Porcupine Mountain State Park is an easy 1 1/2 hour drive from the resort and located on Lake Superior. It’s a great day trip. We also drove over to Bond Falls which is about a 45 minute drive from the resort and is one of the prettiest waterfalls in the UP of Michigan.

Our good friends Denny and Riva joined us for the day. Lake of the Clouds is behind us.

Manabezho Falls on the Presque Isle River flows into Lake Superior.

The suspension bridge you cross to get down to Lake Superior.

View from the suspension bridge.

Bond Falls is gorgeous this year with all the rain we have had.

Perfect view to end a great day!

Trip to the Porcupine Mts2010-08-28T16:03:44+00:00

Fish stories told here!

A productive day for fishing.

Joel caught this nice musky on Irving Lake, the 3rd lake in our chain of 3 lakes.

Kevin is testament that you don't even have to get into a boat to catch a fish. He caught this northern pike standing on the dock.

Fish stories told here!2010-08-24T15:45:45+00:00

The last picnic of 2010

It’s always sad to have the last picnic of the season. even with all the great rain we had this year it only rained on the picnic once all summer. Thanks to the rec building, even on that day we didn’t have to cancel. 60 people at the picnic today, new guests along with returning guests made for a great mixture of people!

 We had the best corn of the season today. Yum! 11 more months before we can have it again. So sad!  Next week we switch over to coffee hour with homemade coffee cake.

The sun was trying to peek out and finally made it at the end of the picnic. So the warmth of the grill felt good.

Making new friends!

That's a plate full of brats!

The Koenke family enjoying spending time together.

The younger set having fun in the sand.

John having a pep talk with Lucas and Adele on taking their first steps at White Birch Village.

The last picnic of 20102010-08-24T15:43:10+00:00

Another busy day for Charlie

Poor baby Charlie, he’s already been broken today. 🙁 It’s good there was another baby Charlie hanging around!

Congratulations Levi and Havana for finding Charlie. They found him last night after the office closed so, Havana took got to babysit Charlie overnight!

Congratulations Clara for finding Charlie. You did a great job for being just 2 years old!

Another busy day for Charlie2010-08-24T15:28:34+00:00

Charlie had a quiet week last week

Due to good hiding places and rain Charlie had a quiet week!

Congrats to TJ, Judy and Brian for finding Charlie.

Congratulations Brad and Amber for finding Charlie.

Brad and Amber hid Charlie well. He was in his hiding spot for 6 days. It took 3 clues for him to be found!

Congratulations to Izzy for finally finding Charlie!

Charlie had a quiet week last week2010-08-23T13:46:06+00:00

It rained and it rained and it rained!

Friday it rained all day. We got 5 1/2 inches. It was wonderful. The lake and the creek are at the highest levels in years. The sound of the creek flowing over the rocks is music to your ears. Wish I had gotten a picture of the campfire pit, it had water all the way to the boards around the edge. Determined guest had a fire built Saturday night after bailing out the water!

This is the most water we have seen in a long time flowing under the bridge!

It rained and it rained and it rained!2010-08-21T13:51:43+00:00

Another great day for a Picnic

It was a cool day, so the fire felt good.

Our large kettle comes in handy for cooking the corn.

Sarah thought the play box made a great place to play! Great hug from brother Evan.

Another great day for a picnic!

Another great day for a Picnic2010-08-17T12:46:56+00:00

Baby Charlie arrives on the scene.

After many hidings and being dropped Charlie met his demise this week. Sad to see him go, but we welcome baby Charlie in his place.

Congratulations to Grace for being the last person to find Charlie.

Welcome Baby Charlie to your first hiding spot.

Baby Charlie arrives on the scene.2010-08-15T12:16:56+00:00

Warmest week of the summer!

It’s been a week of warm temperatures and that means a busy beach! Everyone has been enjoying the warm temps and spending a lot of time on or in the water.

Enjoying the sunny weather!

Katie and Ella having fun playing in the sand.

Warmest week of the summer!2010-08-13T08:59:35+00:00
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