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Smallest fish of the year

It doesn’t matter what size fish you catch, it’s the fun of being on the water with family. Grandpa Bill was all smiles with his small catch because he was enjoying time spent with his granddaughters.


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Campfire Fun!

The past three weeks the campfire pit has been a busy place. One night there was over 35 people enjoying the fire, roasting marshmallows and making memories.

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A letter to the chippies

During one of our Thursday morning treasure hunts a little girl didn’t want the chipmunks to think she had forgotten about feeding them. So she left them this note and a bowl of peanuts while she was busy on the treasure hunt. What spoiled chipmunks we have here at the resort.

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Searching for a Musky


A musky was hanging around the beach dock all last week. One night there was a fishing pole in the water at each pier slip with everyone fighting to be the first one to catch the musky. Mr. Musky eluded them all. It was a sight to see. The kids were so excited about it. they kept coming to me giving me a minute to minute report.

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Fishing in the Mist

One of our guests shared this great picture, so I thought I would post it. A picturesque day to fish.

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Minnow races continue to be a hit

The Tuesday afternoon minnow races have brought the competition out in all of our guests. Each week there has been at least 50 people at the ebach participating in the races.

When the adults woudl see how much the kids were having they had to have their turn at it also.

Choosing the minnow and putting it in the starting gate is part of the fun.

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Charlie Update

Hello all my faithful Charlie hunters. Sorry it took me so long to get your pictures posted.

Week of June 23-30

Week of June 30 – July 8

As you will see the week of July 7-15 was a very busy week for Charlie. The teams kept changing, but all the kids had a blast with Charlie!

The week of July 14-22 a was a little quieter for Charlie.

Toby was the youngest finder this summer. He found Charlie with the help of his aunt.

Week of July 22-29

Week of July 28 – August 5 was another quiet week for Charlie.

The week of August 4-12 was another week of team work and business for Charlie. In fact all the findings happened between Sunday and Tuesday!





Calandra did such a great job of hiding Charlie he stayed hidden for a whole week and I had to give 4 clues before he was found.

Week of August 11-19



Grace is the last person to have hidden Charlie and he his still hidden there. Will he still be there next year? Stay tuned!

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