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Otter in the creek

We have had a family of otters playing for the last two weeks. Momma and 3 babies. They have been playing in all the ponds, in the culvert under County K and in the creek. Today has been my first chance of getting a picture. Enjoy.

Momma waiting for her little one to join her.


Here comes the little one. I was hoping to get a picture with Momma with her little one, but my daughter and niece came to watch and screamed with excitement and momma ran away.


The little one swimming off to find momma.

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Summer’s over

The sign of summer coming to an end……..

The paddle boat is hitching a ride to the garage for the winter.

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Well fed chipmunks

We broke a new record this season for peanuts sold. Over 120 pounds of peanuts were sold in our store this year!

One of the happy customers.

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Wedding Bells

Romance is alive at White Birch Village….two engagements this summer and today the first wedding at the Resort. Dave (past employee) and Talitha had their wedding ceremony at our picnic pavilion this afternoon. The weather cooperated with beautiful sunshine and 80 degrees.

Talitha with her boys walking down the aisle.


Saying their vows under the pine tree


Receiving Line

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Final Charlie pictures for 2011

We went through 3 Charlies this year during the great Charlie hunts!

Cousins and friends worked together to find Charlie. Congrats, Bailey, Evan, Katie, Clayton and Karlee.

Calandra hid Charlie so well before she left, It took several days for him to be found. Joel, Anthony and Stephanie were the ones who succeeded in finding Charlie.

Kayla and mom found Charlie right before they went home.

Ashley joined in the fun.

Clara had fun searching for Charlie.

Haley and Alissa were not going to miss out on the fun.

Grandma helped Izzy find Charlie.

Way to go Havana!

This was Savannah's first time at WBV and she had fun searching for Charlie.

Estella was so proud she found Charlie.

Besides feeding the chipmunks, finding Charlie was top on the list of "to do's" for Brice and Kayla.

The last finders of the season are Michael and Meredith.

Can you guess where Charlies last hiding spot is?

Final Charlie pictures for 20112011-09-09T16:26:59+00:00
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