Charlie didn’t make it until Tuesday. He went through the ice late Monday night, March 19th!  Congratulations to Gene Wengert, this year’s Ice Out Winner. He chose March 19th at 4PM. Is March going to become the norm for ice out?  2 out of 3 years now Charlie has gone swimming in March. The average date for ice out here is mid-April.

John, Kelly and I were in Green Bay when the event happened. (We took Kelly to the Lambeau Field tour for her birthday).  Thanks to the watchful eyes of our carpenters we have the picture for you. By the time we arrived home tonight Charlie was lying along the shore. He broke free from his chair.

Charlie this morning at 7AM. I left the carpenter's on Charlie watch while we were gone and as you can see at 7 AM this morning most of the ice was gone. Unbelievable how fast the ice went out this year.


Charlie must have been tired of his chair as he broke free and floated to the shoreline.


It made for an easy retrieval.


John will have to get his waders on to retrieve the chair.


All the ice is gone. We even saw fish jumping at the surface of the water tonight.


Charlie drying off.