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Madison Fishing Expo

John and I attended our first sport show this weekend. We really enjoyed talking with people and sharing our slice of heaven with them. Thank you to all our fisherman whose fish pictures help get people excited about our great chain of lakes. We look forward to more trophy fish pictures (including bluegills) during the 2011 season.

Our exhibit booth; sharing our dream spot with others.

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Ice Fishing

John’s cousin brought a friend and his son up this weekend to enjoy the Boulder Junction Winter Fest and ice fish for the first time. They entered the ice fishing contest at the Winter Fest and caught 4 perch. No success for the contest, but the next day fishing with John was a different story. They caught 24 bluegills (made for a great dinner),  a 30 inch northern and a 16 inch bass. Sam, who is 8 years old, caught the northern.

The smile says it all.

John caught the bass.

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Boulder Junction Winter Fest 2011

This past weekend Boulder Junction held its 3rd annual Winter Fest.  The 55 degree temperatures last week caused a few minor changes in the activities, but fun was had by all who attended. In fact they doubled their attendance from last year. The snowshoe activities were hard to do since we lost so much snow on the lakes, in fact the lakes are sheer ice right now. They had 49 participants in the ice fishing contest, with the winning fish being a 25 inch Northern Pike. 36 fish were registered, so it was a successful day of fishing. Four big roasters full of complimentary chili were consumed along with hot chocolate and coffee. Other activities included: ice golf, a driving range, turkey bowling, and thanks to White Birch Village a frisbee golf course on ice.

Children bowled with a frozen chicken....

And adults bowled with a frozen turkey.

Kids had fun with snowshoeing, despite the lack of snow.

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Super Bowl Party

I’m a little late getting these posted, but as the saying goes: Better late than never. With the Packers making their way to the Super Bowl, we decided it was a perfect opportunity to use the two large screen TV’s in the lodge. We invited our church to come and enjoy the game at the resort. Even though I’m not into football, it was fun watching all the fans enjoy the game. We had all ages here from 4 to 84! Lots of fun.

John and Kelly all decked out for the game. I even had to paint Kelly's nails in green with the players numbers on them.

This was the quiet room.

This was the noisy room...all the shouts and screams came from this crew.

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