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Snowshoeing on the Old Logging Road

For our next snowshoeing adventure we decided to go cross-country instead of on a groomed trail. We parked our vehicle on Camp 2 Road just north of the Ballard/Irving boat landed. We headed out on the old logging road that runs parallel to Ballard. We snowshoed all the way to the channel at White Birch and then finished snowshoeing across the lake. Except for the 2 times we passed snowmobilers (who had no business being out there since it’s not a snowmobile trail) we had the land to ourselves. it was a very peaceful and balmy 15 degrees day!  

Breaking trail in a beautiful setting!


We met many trees we had to either climb over or go under along the way. It only added fun to our day.


Weventured off the logging road to see this beautiful meadow. It's good the snow had a hard crust on it as it was 3 feet deep here. We sunk in a couple of times. John and our boys have done a lot of exploring here in the fall. John enjoyed seeing it in the winter.


Great winter landscape.


The fun part of the day was all the animal tracks we encountered. This track is of a grouse drumming. We also saw, squirrel, rabbit, fox, deer and coyote tracks.

The channel in the winter.

Leaving our tracks on White Birch Lake.

When we went back to pick up our truck we saw this otter coming through the ice at the boat landing.

Snowshoeing on the Old Logging Road2010-01-31T20:12:13+00:00

Charlie the Chipmunk has arrived!

As we said in our newsletter Charlie the Chipmunk was arriving for our first annual Ice Out Contest.  On March 1st Charlie will go out on the ice to sit and wait for the magic moment when he’ll fall through the ice. Join in the fun by picking a date when he’ll go through the ice. Pick a date and send $5 to White Birch Village at PO Box 284, Boulder Junction, WI 54512. $2.50 will go to the Northwoods Wildlife Center (The same place we give all those Northern Pike to in the summer) as a donation and $2.50 will go into the winners pot.

Here’s a sneak peek at Charlie……more to come March 1st. Be sure to check back in then. 

Charlie's getting ready!

Charlie's put on his life vest to make the trek out to White Birch Lake. He's ready to watch over the resort until the ice goes out.

Charlie the Chipmunk has arrived!2010-01-28T16:54:12+00:00

Ice Fishing on Ballard

John went ice fishing on Ballard. Serenity before sundown and some nice fish. We had a great meal for supper that night!

Fishing as the sun was setting.

Perch and bluegill were biting.

Ice Fishing on Ballard2010-01-22T19:43:55+00:00

Snowshoeing on the Star Lake Trail

You couldn’t have asked for a more perfect day! On January 16th the sun was shining and the temperature was a balmy 25. The Northwoods was sparkling! We decided to hit the trails. We got new snowshoes for Christmas and are looking forward to trying out all the area snowshoe trails. We’ll keep you posted. We started close to home on the Star Lake trail. I’m sure many of you have walked the trail in the summer, but WOW what solitude and beauty in the winter.

Start of the Star Lake NAture and Hiking Trail

Which way to go? We chose the 2 1/2 mile trail.

John heading around the bend.

John wanting a photo opportunity at one of the benches along the way.

The pileated woodpecker was having a busy day. Lots of fresh woodchips were all over the ground.

Natures picture frame

One of the signs along the interpretive trail.

The Black Lagoon in the winter.

Snowshoeing on the Star Lake Trail2010-01-22T19:14:56+00:00

Children’s Church Retreat At White Birch Village

On January 10th 13 children from Church of the Pines had a retreat here at White Birch Village. They spent the day playing games and sledding. It was great having the voices of children around the resort again! Enjoy the pictures!

Mad game of ping pong!

Rocking the resort with Hero Band

Sledding Fun!

Look out below!

Taking it easy in the snow.

Finding new uses for one of our roads on the property.

Children’s Church Retreat At White Birch Village2010-01-22T18:51:36+00:00

First pictures of 2010

Snow removal is part of daily life at the resort in the winter. The plow, snowblower, shovel  and John get a workout all season long!


The nieces enjoy sledding down the hill by Cattail and Heron Haus.

They both decided that the first hill wasn’t steep enough so tried their luck on the driveway by the start of the nature trail, but……………..

found out that the snow bank at the bottom of the driveway had different plans for them!

First pictures of 20102010-01-01T22:03:45+00:00

Happy New Year!

Welcome to the new White Birch Village blog! We are excited with this new communication tool of keeping you up to date with what’s happening around the village.

Happy New Year!2010-01-01T21:58:36+00:00
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