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Charlie Update

For all of you who have followed our ice out contest the last 12 years, here’s an update. Charlie knew it was going to be a long winter this year, so he decided it was time for a much needed vacation. He thought this tropical island was a better place to be than out on a cold and snowy frozen lake 🙂 He was smart to do this as the ice went out on May 2nd this year!

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Spring has finally arrived in the Northwoods

We still have snow piles around the property which is slowing down being able to turn the water on. As the snow is melting, we are seeing all the debris that the December wind storm and the February ice storm  left for us. Our grounds look like it has been carpeted with branches. We also lost one of the majestic pines near the picnic pavilion that has stood there for over 100 years.

Today the sun is shinning, yeah and this weekend the docks will go in. We look forward to our 40th year of welcoming guests. See you soon!

This is just part of the pine tree that came down.

The back of the pavilion looks just as bad.

5 truck loads were filled in just 1 hour. Hundred’s more to go, but we’re doing our best to have it looking great by the time you arrive.

Our carpeting of greens.

Red Oaks gutter took a beating, along with Oriole’s stairwell railing (which has already been fixed)

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Save the Rustic Road

Our beautiful Rustic Road, County K is in jeopardy.  This spring they began aggressively trimming the trees along the road, with future plans to widen the road. In doing so, we will lose the beautiful canopy that we all enjoy as we travel down this road. So many of our guests have shared their stories of how much they love this road. Please visit: to see how you can help us to save this beautiful piece of Vilas County.

If you are on Facebook you can also join the group page :

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