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Rainy Day Picnic

Even the rain won’t stop our weekly picnic. 55 people enjoyed Sloppy Joes and lots of good food inside our Rec Building.

Staying dry on a rainy day.


One of our guests found his bear hat in town. It hasn't left his head all week. 🙂


Rainy Day Picnic2011-06-21T17:39:44+00:00

Fishing guide seminars


Our fishing seminars are back for a second year. Tonight 23 people enjoyed getting tips from Mike Errington.


All ages enjoyed the seminar.



Fishing guide seminars2011-06-20T17:31:06+00:00

Charlie’s been active

Charlie’s been active and I haven’t gotten his picture up lately. I know there will be kids looking for their picture…so here they are.

Niko and Lexi had fun looking for Charlie. They hid him in a great spot. It took the kids the following week awhile to find him.


It took several clues, but Hannah and Emily finally found Charlie where Niko and Lexi had hidden him.


Rachel found Charlie a couple of times this last week. Way to go Rachel!

Kaylee and Derek had fun with Charlie too. Kaylee would hide him, then Rachel would find him and hide him. Back and forth it went all week.

Charlie’s been active2011-06-18T17:45:32+00:00

Great wildlife at White Birch Village

There’s always opportunities to see wildlife at White Birch Village.

Snapping turtle along the shoreline


Watching the hummingbirds is always fascinating.

Water snake sunning himself. Thankfully they are not poisonous.

Great wildlife at White Birch Village2011-06-08T21:46:22+00:00

Life cycle of the Dragonfly

The dragonflies are hatching today. The shoreline and dock at Hideaway are full with dragonflies in different stages of hatching.

The nymph stage. The dragonfly nymph will attach to anything near the water to begin its transformation.


The dragonfly beginning to emerge.


Hanging out together.


Almost ready to fly away.


The nymph skeleton.



Life cycle of the Dragonfly2011-06-05T15:49:11+00:00

John taking a rest

The raft went in the water today, so John decided it was a good opportunity to take a rest.

John enjoying the ride.

John taking a rest2011-06-04T14:44:29+00:00

Windy, windy night!

Last night the winds picked up and blew and blew and blew! By 2 AM the power was out and didn’t come on for 12 hours. Thankfully only two units were booked so we were able to help them out and let them put their food in our freezer….running off the generator. It’s amazing what nature can do…take a look at the picture!

The top of a birch tree came down and planted itself in the ground.

Windy, windy night!2011-06-01T21:57:30+00:00
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