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The Raft is Launched!

After a flat tire on the trailer was replaced the raft made its trek out of winter storage to its rightful place on the lake.

Using the tractor to push the trailer is the only way to get the raft to the boat launch.

John guiding the raft in.

Chris taking the raft out of the channel

A leisurely swim?

Shallow enough to walk it around the point.

Securing it into place

Closing the trap door and now it's ready for the swimmers!

The Raft is Launched!2010-05-30T14:07:30+00:00

Under Water Fish Photos

One of our carpenters took some under water photos while he was at the beach working on the playground. A 36 inch musky has been hanging around feeding on all the bluegill that are in spawning.   

Unaware of the camera


Mr Bluegill checking the camera out while his friends watch in the background.

Mr Musky hanging around.


Looking for food.


Hanging around looking for the bluegill.

Under Water Fish Photos2010-05-30T13:36:35+00:00

Porcupine pays a visist

At dusk a few nights ago a porcupine was strolling near the rec building. He wasn’t too sure about John and I there watching him so up the tree he scooted. The hummingbirds arrived on Sunday. we took at chance and put up the feeders today. Hopefully Mr.Bear who visited last night will leave them alone.

Porcupine pays a visist2010-05-20T12:44:35+00:00

Playground Update

The playground is moving forward. It’s fun to see it come together. Thanks to the kids last year who gave us their thoughts it going to be a fun structure to play on!

There are two towers with a bridge between the two. A rock climbing wall will be on one tower and a spiral slide on the other.

The tire swing will hang under the bridge.

The swings will be to the right of the tower structure.

Playground Update2010-05-20T12:39:10+00:00

Docks Go In!

The docks went in this past Wednesday. That’s always the sign that the vacation season is here! We look forward to seeing many of you this year! The day was pleasant this year for the guys who helped put in the docks. They put in a total of 72 sections of dock and 159 posts. It took 7 guys 4 1/2 hours to complete the task. The do enjoy the hot chili lunch that follows their hard work. 

Sections floating over to the Lodge's private dock.


Posts are waiting for the sections to arrive.


Posts lined up for the beach dock.

Sections making their way off shore for the beach dock.

Every section and posts are numbered to make it easier to remember where they go. Now all that's missing are the boats!

Docks Go In!2010-05-16T18:31:58+00:00

Journey’s Marathon

The 14th Annual Journey’s Marathon started here at the Village this morning at 8AM. The full marathon begins right in front of our fitness center building and goes all the way to Eagle River. This marathon is a pre qualifier for the Boston Marathon and brings people here from all over the country. we provide coffee and goodies for the starting line. It’s fun to see everyone here.  the race begins with the singing of America the Beautiful, an Irish Blessing and the count down. All is down with loud speakers and County K filled with people. It’s a fun sight. Especially this year with the snow.

Getting Ready.

These 3 men begin the marathon.

Waiting to hear the starting gun go off.

And they're off!

Journey’s Marathon2010-05-08T09:28:07+00:00

May snowfall

The Northwoods can’t decide if it’s spring or not. Four inches of snow fell last night. It sure is pretty outside with trees hanging so low. Hopefully it will melt fast today so we don’t lose any branches with the wet heavy snow. Enjoy the pictures.

Driveway at 6 AM.

Is it really May?

Papa duck trying to find a place to hide from me.

Had to watch where you walked on the property today. Trees hanging low everywhere.

May snowfall2010-05-08T08:44:05+00:00
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