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Charlie begins his 2nd year in hiding

How many places will Charlie find to hide this year?  It’s opening weekend and Charlie has already found 3 places to hide. No more kids arrive until the 4th of June so he may stay in his hiding place for a while.

Congratulations to Annika for being the first person to find Charlie in 2011. She drove all the from New York to find Charlie.


Parker and Brenden had fun searching for Charlie.

Charlie begins his 2nd year in hiding2011-05-29T14:38:06+00:00

Time for Planting

It has finally warmed up enough to start planting flowers around the resort, at least the temperatures during the day. With the temperature dipping down to a chilly 27 on Thursday night we have already begun covering the flowers that were planted. Hopefully that is the last frost night until fall.  The geraniums are all in place, now to begin planting the 65 flats of annuals.

John bought a new trailer for his golf cart. Helps in hauling the flowers and many other things.


Time for Planting2011-05-28T09:10:16+00:00

Interruptuing his sleep

This morning Mr. Porcupine was sleeping in a tree. We interrupted his sleep to get his picture.

He wasn't too sure about John and I talking to him.

Interruptuing his sleep2011-05-18T12:29:50+00:00


Last Saturday both our boys graduated from college. I went to Madison to celebrate with Brian and John and Kelly went to River Falls to celebrate with Chris. We’re so proud of both our boys!

Brian received his Culinary Arts degree and is working in Madison.


Chris received his degree in Digital Film and TV, but is hoping to enroll in fire fighting school this fall.


Journey’s Marathon 2011

The start of this years race was a wet one. Normally all the runner s do their stretching outside, but this year the rec building and the fitness center was packed with runners getting ready for the race. the numbers were down this year. Only 94 people ran the full marathon. Last year we had close to 120.

These two get a head start.


Not as many spectators this year due to the rain.

Journey’s Marathon 20112011-05-18T12:19:37+00:00

New structures make an appearance

New touches arrive at the resort.

New landscaping at Hideaway.


New luggage cart storage for Hideaway. No more having to bring the cart down from the main parking lot.


New archway to the lodge main entrance


the finished project, now it just needs to be stained.

New structures make an appearance2011-05-13T11:34:29+00:00

Docks are in

Despite the bad weather we got the docks in. Early Wednesday morning lightening decided to strike and cause havoc. It blew out our internet, thus the delay in posting these pictures. By 8 am the storms had rolled through and left behind windy, but warm temperatures to put the docks in. The guys were thankful for the wind which kept the bugs at bay. Seeing the docks in the water always is the first sign that guests will be here soon. We look forward to your arrival.

Sorting through the dock posts


Main dock going in


Balsam Fir dock going in


It takes all the crew to move the shore station off the beach


One of our fishing boats makes it easier to float the station over to its dock space.


75 dock sections and 4 1/2 hours later the crew enjoys a chili lunch

Docks are in2011-05-13T11:17:04+00:00

John’s opening day catch

John managed to sneak away from the resort for a couple of hours on the opening fishing day.

Supper was good that night!

John’s opening day catch2011-05-09T11:01:08+00:00

Neither Rain, nor sleet nor snow

No matter what the weather, our staff keeps on working. With spring coming late to the Northwoods we need to stay working no matter the weather. Last fall we had to replace the septic system with holding tanks for Hideaway. Which means new landscaping at the far end of the beach. The landscaping process began today with another landmark having to go.

Hauling the rocks from the beach fireplace in the rain.


Randy has the driest job.


From mini excavator, to wheelbarrow, to tractor and finally to dump truck.

Neither Rain, nor sleet nor snow2011-05-05T13:40:58+00:00
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