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2012 Ice Out Contest

Charlie the Chipmunk has made his 3rd annual trek out onto the ice. Will you be the 2012 Ice Out winner? Make a guess as to when the ice will go out and when Charlie will fall though the ice. Two years ago Charlie fell through on March 25th, which is the earliest it has gone out in many years. Last year Charlie chose tax day, April 15th.  The ice can go out as early as late March and as late as early May.  So choose your date carefully.

When will Charlie fall through this year? It’s anybody’s guess and you could have the winning date and time.  If Charlie sinks after dark he will be credited to the next day. John and Sue need some sleep too. 

All you need to do is email us at [email protected] with your date and time of day as to when Charlie will fall through the ice. All entries must be in our email by March 15th. The contest is open to any age and the winner will get their name added to the plaque in the lodge lobby.

Good Luck and we hope you have fun with the third annual Charlie the Chipmunk Contest. Come back often as we will keep updating photos of Charlie.

Securing Charlie to his chair.


Charlie's keeping an eye on the resort.


Charlie's waiting to see who will guess correctly.

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Breaking Trail

With the wonderful snow we had yesterday John and I were itching to get out and snowshoe. It was beautiful and a great workout. Breaking trail in 20 inches (deeper where the drifts were) gave our legs quite a workout. Enjoy the pictures.

Breaking trail in the deep snow. John and I took turns leading. I decided to let him have the hill portion of the trail.


This gives you an idea of the depth of the snow.


This is one of my favorite parts of the trail.


Looking out at the point.


Beautiful snow landscape everywhere you look.


For those of you who have walked out nature trail in the summer this picture is taken in the cedar bog. Sure was a lot nicer to snowshoe today with all the snow and not fight all the ground brush.


Entering the bog area.

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