Don’t suffer separation anxiety; bring your dog with you on vacation. We have a designated dog run area for your pooch to enjoy.

The cost is $250/dog/stay. No more than 2 dogs allowed in a vacation home at one time. No dogs are allowed in our lodge suites or Woodside.

Dog Policy

  • As a courtesy for all of our guests, please keep your dog on a leash at all times. Please be aware that there are people and children afraid of dogs. Some dogs exhibit aggressive behavior; for the protection of other guests a muzzle leash is appreciated.
  • Dogs must be kenneled when left alone in a vacation home. DO NOT leave your dog locked in the bathroom or any room. We reserve the right to spot check for dogs in kennels. If we find dogs not in kennels, during owners absence, the dog will not be allowed back the following year.
  • Consider other guests and keep barking to a minimum.
  • Due to Health Department regulations and the comfort of all our guests, no dogs will be allowed at the beach area, playground, boat landing areas and on the docks.
  • Walk your dog in unraked areas only. PLEASE pick up after your dog if they go anywhere on our grounds. This includes the unleashed area. Owners are responsible for cleaning up behind their dog at all times.
  • We have covered all fabric furniture for you with slip covers. Please do not remove these during your stay. You will be charged an extra vacuuming fee if we have to vacuum dog hair from the furniture.
  • There is a designated unleashed area for your pooch to enjoy. Please refer to the map in the guest service binder for location. Be advised this is not a fenced in area and there are wolves in the area. White Birch Village bears no responsibility for dogs that run off.
  • If you have family or friends in other vacation homes and your dog goes into that unit you will be charged an additional dog fee for the cleaning of that unit.
  • Dog owners are responsible for the acts and conduct of their animal at all times while on White Birch Village property. Dog owners assume all risks and damages related to the use of their pet on the White Birch Village grounds and any buildings.
  • I understand the stated dog policies and will adhere to them while staying at White Birch Village Resort. I understand that noncompliance to stated policy will result in my dog not being allowed to come again in the future.

You will be asked to sign this policy at check-in.

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