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Charlie is still holding on……

Hello all….sorry it’s been awhile since I’ve posted anything. We had a very successful sport show in Milwaukee. Thanks to all our guests who stopped by our booth to say hello. It was good to see you. Makes us ready for the season to start and to have the sound of vacationers back again. I tried blogging from my phone while we were at the show, but it wouldn’t let me. Then our internet went down and I’m finally back up and running. So for all of you curious how Charlie is surviving these warm temps, here you go.

Despite all the warm weather Charlie is still holding on, but the question is: “For how long?”

Fifty people made guesses this year for the ice out contest. Another year with an early spring. It’s hard to believe that most of the snow is already gone. Was it really only 2 weeks ago that there was 35 inches of snow on the ground! Here’s the pictures of Charlie in the last week.

Charlie was still surrounded by snow on March 11th.

St. Patrick's Day brings Charlie sitting in melting ice.

Charlie is sitting about 70 feet off shore just beyond the end of the main dock.

With the temperatures in the 70's today Charlie is starting to lean.

Here are some pictures I took around the property today. Most of the snow is gone and John is already outside getting the grounds ready for your arrival!

The ice is beginning to melt at the shore line.

The ice has completely left the boat landing area.

The piles of snow are still lingering by Loon and Mallard.

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Melting snow

I received the following two pictures from our carpenters on March 7th. The 22 inches of snow we got the last week of February melted in less than 2 days due to the unseasonably warm temps. With that much melting in such a short period of time I received the text: “Would you like us to do something about this flooding?”

The ponds were flooded covering all the pathways.


If you look hard enough you will see the pathway under the water. You would get a bit wet walking to the Tuesday picnic.

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