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Daily Archives: October 16, 2010

Caption Contest

Each year we hang a fun photo on the bulletin board and let people give a caption for it. We thought we would share this years photo and all the great captions guests gave.

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I knew I was in trouble when mom named me Jonah.-Phyllis Wlos

“Is he gone?” -Brenden Malmgren

“humph, first I misplace my glasses, now I can’t find my son.” -Mary Allen

“Don’t worry, it’s over. Bzzzzzzt. -Mitchell Zook

Mom, Mom—Where did you go? -Steve Quickert

Hey Mom! This Halloween costume is too big! -Gene Wengert

Can you hear me now? – Sandy Carlson

Mom, are we there yet? – Betsy Ogan

No one will find me in here.—Meghan Berther

“You scratch my back, I scratch yours.” – Kyle Freeman

“Marco!” “Polo!” – Lisa Kopp

Fish Infant Carrier—Mary Valsa

“Peek-a-boo Meet my new body-guard” – Tom Franklin

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Geocache is put away for the season

John and I took advantage of the beautiful fall day today (before the chance of snow later this week hits) to collect the geocache boxes. The pink cache gave us a big challenge since it had been moved 45 feet from where I placed it this spring. nut our treasure hunting skills paid off and we finally found it. It was fun to read the comments in the log book in the purple cache box. Here’s some of them for you to read:

“What a memorable day!”  Steve, Molly, Susie and Charlie Currey 6/28/10

“Crazy bug adventure!”  Matt Wiedholz and Danielle O’Connell 7/5/10

“This was awesome but challenging.”  Will and Spencer 7/20/10

“It was very hard.” Alex Moore 7/28/10

“It was awesome” Bridget and Maddy 8/15/10

“Team work brought success.” Walley, Kay, Ron and Laurie 8/22/10

“This trail was fun. I love it.” Corinne Giersch 9/4/10

Picking up the orange cache.

Following the compass.

Geocache is put away for the season2010-10-16T16:31:46+00:00