Each year we hang a fun photo on the bulletin board and let people give a caption for it. We thought we would share this years photo and all the great captions guests gave.

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I knew I was in trouble when mom named me Jonah.-Phyllis Wlos

“Is he gone?” -Brenden Malmgren

“humph, first I misplace my glasses, now I can’t find my son.” -Mary Allen

“Don’t worry, it’s over. Bzzzzzzt. -Mitchell Zook

Mom, Mom—Where did you go? -Steve Quickert

Hey Mom! This Halloween costume is too big! -Gene Wengert

Can you hear me now? – Sandy Carlson

Mom, are we there yet? – Betsy Ogan

No one will find me in here.—Meghan Berther

“You scratch my back, I scratch yours.” – Kyle Freeman

“Marco!” “Polo!” – Lisa Kopp

Fish Infant Carrier—Mary Valsa

“Peek-a-boo Meet my new body-guard” – Tom Franklin