This past week Mother Nature has done quite a clean up job! The winds began on Tuesday and it didn’t take long for the power to go out. By 9:30 AM it was gone. The winds continued to blow well into Wednesday night and it took a toll on the trees. John stopped counting at when he hit 75 trees down. The hardest hit area was near Timberwolfe. At first we were told our power wouldn’t be back on until Saturday as over 10,000 people were without power in the Northwoods! Thanks to the generator we didn’t lose any food, had water and heat, and one outlet and extension cord that we used. We also have a gas stove so we could still cook dinner by candlelight!  The nights were very peaceful, got a lot of reading done and realized how well you can do without TV, computers and other electrical appliances. Thankfully, the power came back on Thursday night (earlier than anticipated) especially since we had people renting one of the suites for the weekend! The guys had the grounds just about picked up for the fall and now you would never know it. There are truck loads of debris to pick up. Here are some pictures from all the trees that came down.

So much for the new deck by the musky bell!

Uprooted at the ponds.

At least it fell towards the ponds instead of the Rec Building!

Tree down next to Oriole.

Common sight everywhere!

Shows the power of the wind!

Hardest hit area was up near our burn pile.

Big pine tree came down near Timberwolfe. Thankfully very little damage was done to the building.

Yes, that is snow in the picture!

One less tree at Timberwolfe's deck.

The chain saws have been busy!

Tree's crossing roads are everywhere up here right now. This picture is our road near the burn pile. As you drive down County K there are trees on the side of the road every few yards.

It's good the polish staff have already gone home, hard to get to their housing right now.