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Keep in touch with your White Birch Village Family

Dock day will soon be here.

The ice has left the lake and soon our docks will go in the water. Next Wednesday, May 15th is the magical day for the 65 dock sections to make their way.

The beach is the winter home for half of our docks.

The other half winter along the shore by our main dock.

Mister muskrat was enjoying munch at the beach today.

He had no idea I was there taking his picture.

By |May 7th, 2019|

Helping our local wildlife

Everyone loves they sound of the loon and watching the eagle soar over the lake. We are doing all can to help protect these beautiful creatures. Last week John and a friend put up Loon Sanctuary signs on the island. Hopefully this will help our Loons have a successful hatch this year.

John with the loon sanctuary sign.

John and Joe putting the signs on the island.

Thanks to Loon Watch we will also be posting the “loon alert” and “lead alert” signs around the property.

If we all work together we can help protect our local wildlife!

By |May 1st, 2019|

2019 Ice Out Contest

Charlie is on the ice!

It’s time for the 2019 Ice Out Contest.

Will you be this year’s winner?

This is Charlies 10th Anniversary of sitting out on the lake. To celebrate we thought it appropriate to put him in costume for the initial photo. As our family gathered for Christmas this past year I asked them to brainstorm on ideas for Charlies 10th year on the ice. My niece Sierra came up with the winning idea. She said” Go with the 10th Wedding Anniversary gift of tin.” Thus Charlie the tin man came to be.

I’m waiting to make my way out into the cold.

So much for my warm and cozy chair


We’d love to have you be a part of our Ice Out Contest. There are 2 ways you can send us your guess:

Please do not forget to give both DATE and TIME that you think Charlie will fall through the ice. Only guess with date and time will be accepted.

In the 9 previous years ice has gone out 3 times in March, 3 times in April and 3 times in May.

All guesses are due by March 12th. The person whose date and time is the closest will be the winner and get their name on our Ice Out Contest plaque. If Charlie falls through the ice during the night the date will be credited to the next day. Sue and John will be at the Milwaukee Sport Shows March 5-11 and on vacation from March 15-24, but Scott will be keeping an eye on him for us.

We’ll begin posting updates when there are changes to the ice. Have fun everyone! Get your guesses into us soon.

There is plenty of ice and SNOW still on the lake.

By |February 28th, 2019|

Amazing Baby Snapping Turtles

Every spring mama snapping turtle lays her eggs in our sand volleyball court. Rarely to we get the joy of seeing the life cycle continue. Between the raccoons who dig up the eggs and all the volleyball games on our court, it’s not often that the turtles survive to hatch. On Friday, Milos was our turtle savior! He was cutting grass near the court and saw all this movement. Upon closer inspection he found 31 baby snapping turtles! He rescued them and with the help of Nik and Dasa they helped the babies find their way to the water. Applause, applause to our international staff! Thanks Nik for the great photos.

Baby snappers hatch.

Catching a ride in the back of Milos golf cart.

Dasa enjoying holding one of the babies.

So cute

Hitching a ride.

They can sense the water is close by.

Water….here we come.

Made it to the water….stay safe little ones.

By |September 9th, 2018|

Rock Bass Contest winner announced

Congratulations to Gabe, our 2018 rock bass contest winner. All summer long guests competed to see who could catch the most poundage of rock bass. On Thursdays we had a weigh in to find out the winner. Each week’s winner went into a pool to be drawn on Labor Day. Today, local guide Mike Errington, picked our winner. This week we will be mailing Gabe a brand-new Fenwick crappie rod and reel. Happy fishing Gabe!

Through-out the summer we donated 79 pounds of rock bass to Wild Instincts wildlife hospital to help feed injured animals.

By |September 3rd, 2018|

Celebrating our summer international staff

On Wednesday, we celebrated our summer international staff by taking a day trip.

We started our day having a lumberjack breakfast at Paul Bunyans.

After breakfast, off to the Porkies (Porcupine State Park in Michigan). It started off as a dreary, rainy day, so the viewing at Lake of the Clouds wasn’t as spectacular as it usually is.

But by the time we got to the Presque Isle River, waterfalls and Lake Superior it was beautiful.

We left our mark during our journey to Lake Superior. The great rocks on the shore we perfect for building cairns. Milos definitely was the bravest building his with lots of different shaped rocks. Took balance and patience.

Our day ended with a great dinner at Little Bohemia and having fun checking out all the bullet holes still visible from 1934 . The staff had watched the movie Public Enemy before we left, so they new the story of Dillinger and the shoot out that took place at Little Bohemia. We also shared the highlights and hard parts of the summer coming form different countries and working in the USA.  It was  a wonderful day!


By |August 30th, 2018|

Great week of fishing

Everything was biting this week.

  • Crappies in 16′ of water suspended over weeds at 10′.
  • Perch in 20′ of water laying on the bottom in grass.
  • Northern Pike taking almost anything over weeds.
  • Bass shallow and deep over weeds.
  • Slow musky and walleye this week.

Cousins having fun getting their first picture on our fishing photo wall.


By |August 3rd, 2018|

An amazing catch

It was a great day for one of our guests. David was on Irving fishing midday along the shoreline structure. He caught a nice large mouth bass on a Senko worm. While he was reeling it in he saw he had more than one fish; hanging onto his bass was a 38 inch musky. He was able to land both of them.  The Timble family said it was great Northern Pike bite all week using spin baits.

This musky was hungry and went after the bass on the hook.

2 for 1

By |June 28th, 2018|

Fishing report for the week of June 3rd

Crappies were biting last week in the shallow wood. They moved out with the cold front and should finish up this week with our day time temps in the lower 70’s every day.

Bluegills and bass are on the beds now and should finish by weeks end.

Walleyes are in the emerging green weeds in  10′ of water, biting on minnows and jigs.

Northern Pike are biting on everything-look for weeds.

Muskies are starting to bite in this past spawn period.

Don’t forget to match jigs with type of cloud cover and keep the muskie/pike small to medium size.

Happy fishing!

By |June 4th, 2018|
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