Every spring mama snapping turtle lays her eggs in our sand volleyball court. Rarely to we get the joy of seeing the life cycle continue. Between the raccoons who dig up the eggs and all the volleyball games on our court, it’s not often that the turtles survive to hatch. On Friday, Milos was our turtle savior! He was cutting grass near the court and saw all this movement. Upon closer inspection he found 31 baby snapping turtles! He rescued them and with the help of Nik and Dasa they helped the babies find their way to the water. Applause, applause to our international staff! Thanks Nik for the great photos.

Baby snappers hatch.

Catching a ride in the back of Milos golf cart.

Dasa enjoying holding one of the babies.

So cute

Hitching a ride.

They can sense the water is close by.

Water….here we come.

Made it to the water….stay safe little ones.