2019 Ice Out Contest

Charlie is on the ice!

It’s time for the 2019 Ice Out Contest.

Will you be this year’s winner?

This is Charlies 10th Anniversary of sitting out on the lake. To celebrate we thought it appropriate to put him in costume for the initial photo. As our family gathered for Christmas this past year I asked them to brainstorm on ideas for Charlies 10th year on the ice. My niece Sierra came up with the winning idea. She said” Go with the 10th Wedding Anniversary gift of tin.” Thus Charlie the tin man came to be.

I’m waiting to make my way out into the cold.

So much for my warm and cozy chair


We’d love to have you be a part of our Ice Out Contest. There are 2 ways you can send us your guess:

Please do not forget to give both DATE and TIME that you think Charlie will fall through the ice. Only guess with date and time will be accepted.

In the 9 previous years ice has gone out 3 times in March, 3 times in April and 3 times in May.

All guesses are due by March 12th. The person whose date and time is the closest will be the winner and get their name on our Ice Out Contest plaque. If Charlie falls through the ice during the night the date will be credited to the next day. Sue and John will be at the Milwaukee Sport Shows March 5-11 and on vacation from March 15-24, but Scott will be keeping an eye on him for us.

We’ll begin posting updates when there are changes to the ice. Have fun everyone! Get your guesses into us soon.

There is plenty of ice and SNOW still on the lake.