Celebrating our summer international staff

On Wednesday, we celebrated our summer international staff by taking a day trip.

We started our day having a lumberjack breakfast at Paul Bunyans.

After breakfast, off to the Porkies (Porcupine State Park in Michigan). It started off as a dreary, rainy day, so the viewing at Lake of the Clouds wasn’t as spectacular as it usually is.

But by the time we got to the Presque Isle River, waterfalls and Lake Superior it was beautiful.

We left our mark during our journey to Lake Superior. The great rocks on the shore we perfect for building cairns. Milos definitely was the bravest building his with lots of different shaped rocks. Took balance and patience.

Our day ended with a great dinner at Little Bohemia and having fun checking out all the bullet holes still visible from 1934 . The staff had watched the movie Public Enemy before we left, so they new the story of Dillinger and the shoot out that took place at Little Bohemia. We also shared the highlights and hard parts of the summer coming form different countries and working in the USA.  It was  a wonderful day!