We kept an eye on Charlie all day and the wind did the job. He sunk around 6PM tonight. Congratulations to Randy Friesema who wins this year’s ice out contest! There were three other people who chose today; John Fenley, Matthew Herringa and Lynn Herringa. But Randy’s time of 4:10 PM was the closest to Charlie’s demise. WE didn’t tie a cement block onto Charlie this year and the life jacket is strong enough to help both Charlie and the chair float. IT’s good to know the life jackets do their job!

 We hope you all had fun with this years ice out contest. We look forward to next year. We’ll post pictures when Charlie is retrieved from the lake. There is still a lot of ice to leave the lake. It’s been slow this year with all the fluctuations of temperatures.

Charlie will float for a while until we can retrieve him.