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Charlie’s retrieval

We pulled Charlie out of the lake today. He’s been washed and packed away for next year.

No canoe retrieval this year. Charlie floated towards the shore.


With no cement block on Charlie this year, he was easier to fish out of the lake.


Charlie drying out.



Charlie’s retrieval2011-04-19T16:13:46+00:00

And John thought he was done with this!

The 6 inches of snow that fell Saturday/Sunday had John out shoveling again. And he thought he was safe to put all the shovels away! At least the storm that was predicted for tonight has been downgraded from 10-12 inches to 2-4 inches. That will help in getting the grounds ready for all our guests.

Snow in April has become the norm.

And John thought he was done with this!2011-04-19T16:06:46+00:00
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