It’s always sad to have the last picnic of the season. even with all the great rain we had this year it only rained on the picnic once all summer. Thanks to the rec building, even on that day we didn’t have to cancel. 60 people at the picnic today, new guests along with returning guests made for a great mixture of people!

 We had the best corn of the season today. Yum! 11 more months before we can have it again. So sad!  Next week we switch over to coffee hour with homemade coffee cake.

The sun was trying to peek out and finally made it at the end of the picnic. So the warmth of the grill felt good.

Making new friends!

That's a plate full of brats!

The Koenke family enjoying spending time together.

The younger set having fun in the sand.

John having a pep talk with Lucas and Adele on taking their first steps at White Birch Village.