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Thanks to Everyone who Entered the Ice Out Contest!

Who will win the contest and get their name on the Charlie the Chipmunk Plaque?

April 8th      Gene Jugentiz

April 15th    Marsha Stierwalt

April 21st     Chris Roberts and Fred Whitemarsh

April 24th    Debbie Carlson

April 30th    Mark Stierwalt

May 2nd        Kevin Carlson

May 5th          Jim Zajac

Thanks to Everyone who Entered the Ice Out Contest!2010-03-24T12:08:20+00:00

Charlies Leaning!

Ice out is going to be early this year. With all the warm temperatures this March the ice is melting quickly. How much longer will Charlie hold on before dropping through the ice? What do you think?

Charlie is leaning pretty good. Will he make it until April before he takes the plunge?

Here's what the shoreline looks like.

Charlies Leaning!2010-03-24T11:33:49+00:00
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