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Charlie the Chipmunk Contest

Pick a date, mail in $5 to White Birch Village Resort PO Box 688 Boulder Junction, WI.  Make sure to have your date, money and contact info included.  $2.50 goes to the Northwoods Wildlife Center as a donation (the same place we donate those northern pikes to in the summer), and the other $2.50 goes in the winners pot.  The pot will be awarded to the winner or split by the winners depending on how many pick the day.

If Charlie sinks after dark he will be credited to the next day. John and Sue need some sleep too. 🙂 

All entries must be in our post office box by March 20th. The ice can go out as early as late March and as late the end of April.  It has even been known to wait until the fishing opener the 1st weekend in May.  So choose your date carefully.

Good Luck and we hope you have fun with the first annual Charlie the Chipmunk Contest. Come back often as we will keep updating photos of Charlie.

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