As we said in our newsletter Charlie the Chipmunk was arriving for our first annual Ice Out Contest.  On March 1st Charlie will go out on the ice to sit and wait for the magic moment when he’ll fall through the ice. Join in the fun by picking a date when he’ll go through the ice. Pick a date and send $5 to White Birch Village at PO Box 284, Boulder Junction, WI 54512. $2.50 will go to the Northwoods Wildlife Center (The same place we give all those Northern Pike to in the summer) as a donation and $2.50 will go into the winners pot.

Here’s a sneak peek at Charlie……more to come March 1st. Be sure to check back in then. 

Charlie's getting ready!

Charlie's put on his life vest to make the trek out to White Birch Lake. He's ready to watch over the resort until the ice goes out.