For our next snowshoeing adventure we decided to go cross-country instead of on a groomed trail. We parked our vehicle on Camp 2 Road just north of the Ballard/Irving boat landed. We headed out on the old logging road that runs parallel to Ballard. We snowshoed all the way to the channel at White Birch and then finished snowshoeing across the lake. Except for the 2 times we passed snowmobilers (who had no business being out there since it’s not a snowmobile trail) we had the land to ourselves. it was a very peaceful and balmy 15 degrees day!  

Breaking trail in a beautiful setting!


We met many trees we had to either climb over or go under along the way. It only added fun to our day.


Weventured off the logging road to see this beautiful meadow. It's good the snow had a hard crust on it as it was 3 feet deep here. We sunk in a couple of times. John and our boys have done a lot of exploring here in the fall. John enjoyed seeing it in the winter.


Great winter landscape.


The fun part of the day was all the animal tracks we encountered. This track is of a grouse drumming. We also saw, squirrel, rabbit, fox, deer and coyote tracks.

The channel in the winter.

Leaving our tracks on White Birch Lake.

When we went back to pick up our truck we saw this otter coming through the ice at the boat landing.