Charlie Takes the Plunge

The weather warmed up enough for Charlie to take the plunge. Charlie fell through the ice last night around 7PM. Too dark to take pictures, so we waited until this morning to capture the event. With the snow falling today and the freezing temperatures in store for the next week he took the plunge just in time before he’d stay stuck in the ice.

Congratulations to Chris and Tami Koening for winning this year’s Ice Out Contest. They chose March 30th at 2PM, which barely beat our runner-up, Guy Morter, who chose March 30th at noon.

Ice still surrounds Charlie, but he did take the plunge.

He’s being pulled under the ice for his trip to the shore.

Up he comes with a face full of ice.

With John’s help Charlie is pulled to shore. He’s grounded and John will have to get his waders on to help Charlie to shore.

As you can see he took the plunge just in time. The snow is falling.