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It’s been a windy day here today. Power has gone out once. How many more times before the night is over, that is the question.

Surf’s up!


We don’t see white caps on White Birch Lake very often, but today they have rolling along all day.


Raft makes its way to the water

Getting ready for Memorial Day Weekend means getting the raft into the water. Here’s the pictures from winter home to summer home. It takes an hour to move the raft as our tractor moves slowly.


Winter home in Bobcat. We slip the pontoon trailer underneath to bring it over to the lake.


Creeping along.


It’s a tight squeeze near the horseshoe area


Crossing County K. We position people at our entrance and the curve before the creek road to stop traffic as we cross the road.


Pushing the raft down the creek road.


Final stretch to the boat landing.


We slip a boat underneath the raft and Andy sits and holds it in place as John motors the raft around the point.


Cruising to the final destination.


Does it really take two people to find the buoy and clip to hook the raft up?


In place and ready for use.

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