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More great photos from our guests.

It’s always fun seeing the pictures our guests take during their stay here. Enjoy.

No hiding from the camera


Even Erica at nine years old swam all the way across the lake and back again. Way to go Erica!


Our friend the chipmunk


Eagle taking off


The loons were gathered on our lake last week.


Geo-caching is fun for the whole family.


Mama deer has been around a lot lately.


Excited about her catch.


Sisters fishing together



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More Charlie photos

Sorry for the delay in photos for those of you waiting to see your picture.

Way to go Alec.

Cousins working together.

Ashley had fun on her first vacation at WBV.

Owen, another first time guest, had fun searching for Charlie.

Will joined in the fun.

Congrats Greg!

More cousins having fun together.


Big sister Erica had fun helping her brother Craig find Charlie.


Friends, Kevin and Luke, had fun searching together.


Finding Charlie is Holly's favorite WBV activity. She got her Brother Ethan to join in the fun this year.

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