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Great pictures from our guests

We’ve had some great pictures submitted for our digital photo frame at the front desk. I thought I would share some with you.

Great shot of the pileated woodpecker


The majestic eagle always makes for a photo opportunity


Nothing like being at the right spot at the right time. Capturing the spider and bee was amazing.


Having fun in the water.

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More Charlie Photos

Congratulations Eric for being the oldest Charlie finder of the year. I'm surprised that hat didn't scare Charlie away.

Congrats to Abby for finding Charlie

 The week of June 25 – July 3 was a very busy week for Charlie. There were 4 groups of kids searching for him. Charlie had 12 hiding spots in just one week. Below are each of the busy hunters!

Quinn was the first to find Charlie. He found him with in the first hour after he arrived. He found Charlie 3 or 4 times while he was here.

Buddies Susie and Addy had fun hiding Charlie. It was always a race between them and Quinn!

Katlyn found a great hiding spot for Charlie during the week.

Drew was the youngest hunter of the group

 This week, July 3rd has been a quiet week for Charlie as there has only been one group of kids looking. Once they hid him, he has stayed well hidden.

Brianna, Abbey, Alyssa and Elliott will have to check out the blog to see who found Charlie where they hid him.

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