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More fish pictures

Our carpenter likes taking these underwater shots. Not so much pine pollen in the water this time. The last ones that were posted the pollen was clouding the water.

Enjoying the crumbs that were dropped in the water.

Swimming along on the bottom of beautiful White Birch Creek!

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Where’s Charlie has begun

Charlie is back for his summer adventure. This winter he sat out on the ice waiting to plunge into the depths of White Birch Lake. Now he’s decided to hide somewhere on the WBV property. Will you be able to find him when you are here? If you are vacationing with us and you find Charlie your photo will be taken with him and put here on the blog.  Then you get the fun of finding him a new hiding spot. So instead of Where’s Waldo….it’s Where’s Charlie?

This was Charlie's first hiding spot. He was snuggled in next to a rock and was very happy to take shelter from the rain.

Niko and Lexi were the first to find Charlie. they found him today, June 11th. they had fun hiding Charlie for the next person to find him. will it be you?

Where’s Charlie has begun2010-06-11T20:03:15+00:00
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