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Monthly Archives: May 2013

Loons Arrive

The ice completely left the lake by yesterday afternoon and by last night we heard the cry of the loons. Mother Nature is amazing to watch. Each year I am amazed that the loons are here within hours of the ice going out. Hearing the cry of loon is the true sign of spring in the Northwoods!


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Charlie finally sinks!

Sometime in the wee morning hours Charlie took the final plunge into the cold waters of White Birch Lake. As you will see he is still somewhat being held up by ice, but we are officially calling May 6th as the day he took the plunge. Congratulations to Lynn Heeringa who had the foresight to choose May 7th. Lynn was out only May guess. Way to go Lynn! Lynn’s brother, Randy won the second year of the contest. They are keeping it in the family. 🙂

Cahrlie is still be supported by some underwater ice.

Charlie is still be supported by some underwater ice.

Charlie is flanked by ice fishing trails.

Charlie is flanked by remnants of this winters ice fishing trails.

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Charlie Update

Poor Charlie! He really is ready to come in from the cold. He’s finally saying…..enough winter already! Even though we lucked out today and didn’t get the foot of snow they did west of us; we still got the freezing temperatures (which locked the lake up again), a dusting of snow and freezing rain. Poor Charlie has been frozen in the horizontal position for several days now. We are out-of-town this weekend, but have someone watching Charlie for us. I never thought I would have to find a “Charlie watcher” for the first weekend in May!


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