Last week my niece, Sierra, spent a weeks vacation at the resort. She just graduated from college in May and this is the first summer she has been able to be here since high school. It was such a joy to watch her relive all of her childhood memories. She was here for 6 days and she filled it with every possible activity she could. I had a smile on my face the whole week watching her. It truly reminds me why White Birch Village is such a special place and why our statement “Where memories are Made” is what this resort is all about. Along with the pictures of Sierra’s activities for the week they also participated in the teen/adult treasure hunt, did the scavenger hunt, took several pontoon boat rides, spent time in the game room and the hot tub. the only disappointment for her was that there wasn’t a picnic the week she was here.

Building a Sand Castle



This is what your face looks like when you lose the first musky you have ever had on your line 🙂

Sierras friend, Mari, caught the largest fish of the week! It was a 24-25 inch northern.

They even got into the hunt for Charlie.

The creek was a favorite of Sierras! They caught frogs and crayfish!

This is a great photo of how the resort looks at night from the lake.