Over the holidays when family was here we found a snapping turtle in the middle of one of the ponds near the barn. John wanted to get his hands on it because he thinks it would make a great addition to the Fireside Room or the front desk. The problem: Is the ice thick enough to walk on?

First thing was to choose the bravest (and lightest) person to go out on the ice. Kendria wins! On goes the life vest and then John ties on the rope.

Next test to see if the ice is safe.


John on the other end of the rope in case Kendria falls in. Which one of these onlookers do you think would go in after Kendria if she fell through the ice!?!


Digging it out.


Bringing the turtle back to shore.

Kelly checking the turtle carcass out. The otter had a good meal of turtle.

Look for the turtle shell somewhere ion the lodge when you visit this summer.