It’s been a very busy start to the season this year, so I haven’t posted the Charlie pictures. This year’s Charlie is a little smaller, so there have been some fun new hiding spots chosen.

Congrats to Abigail, Joshua, Sarah and Hannah for finding Charlie on May 30th.

This was Sam and Abby’s first time at WBV. They had fun finding. The battle for the best hiders went back and forth between them and Niko, Lexi, Liam and Landon the week of June 2-10.

Niko, Lexi, Liam and Landon’s turn at finding Charlie.

Rachel and Kyle are also first time vactioneers who had fun looking for Charlie. They found him on June 11th.

Cousins Emily and Hannah taking thier turn on June 12th.

More cousins Anneke and Maddie took their turn on June 12th.

Kaylee and her brother Derek took turns hiding Charlie the week of June 16th as they were the only two looking for Charlie.

Derek was the last to find Charlie on June 21st.







Here are some of Charlie’s hiding spots.