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No one can describe a White Birch Village Resort vacation experience better than our guests.
Below are testimonials submitted by our guests sharing the memories they made while vacationing with us.

The cabin is quiet; the sun is just starting to think about waking up. I throw on a sweatshirt and go down to the lake. The wind is quiet so the lake is like glass. I hop into the boat and row out to the middle of the lake (starting a motor would break the silence). Using the life jackets as cushions, I lean back and listen…listen to the world wakening up…the eagles call, a loon announces his presence, fish splash, a deer comes for a drink, an airplane glides silently above leaving a short contrail, eventually, I hear a door slam and a voice and then a motor starts on the other lake. Now the sun is up, the wind is stirring and the “early bird” fishermen ready their boat. I need some coffee, so after this enjoyable hour, back to the cabin where everyone is still asleep. They have no idea what they missed.
Gene Wengert
Fitchburg, WI
Vacationing since 2008

After 45 years of going to the Northwoods, I have found a second home at White Birch Village Resort. The facilities for all forms of recreation are excellent. The atmosphere around the resort is relaxing, and guests receive the highest quality of service for an enjoyable day or week in the country. White Birch Village resort is a place you want to bring your family and friends because once you and your family experience it, you will always come back to one of the standout resorts in Northern Wisconsin.
Jim Zajac and all his fishing partners
Park Ridge, IL Vacationing since 2003

Our vacation at White Birch Village was very memorable. We brought our children and 10 grandchildren which adds up to 19 of us. The grandchildren are ages 8 down to new born. The lake is perfect for little ones with shallow water for them to play in and the sand was raked clean every day. The location of the lake and playground made it very easy for parents to sit and watch the children while they themselves relaxed and enjoyed visiting with each other. The cabins were very clean and the activities for the children kept them having something to look forward to everyday. We hope to return again and look forward to making more memories together.
The Vogrinc Family
Rockford, IL
Vacationing since 2012

My family and I look forward to our annual vacation at White Birch Village Resort with great anticipation. The setting is beautiful and the accommodations are very clean, extremely comfortable and provide everything that we need. The amenities are too numerous to list but we make extensive use of the canoes, paddle boats, hiking trails and at the end of the day, the whirlpool. Eagles and loons share the vacation with us and there is nothing quite like sitting on the deck of our vacation home while listening to a variety of bird songs. White Birch allows us to recharge our “batteries”.
Brad, Jean and Kate Javenkoski
Middleton, WI
Vacationing since 2009

Heaven on Earth that is what White Birch Village is for us! From the moment we pull in we immediately begin to relax. We love the beautiful resort and all it offers and appreciate your attention to detail. We take full advantage of all the nature trails, the kayaks, the shuffle board and basketball courts, the fishing, the swimming and the peaceful sitting areas by the lodge the lake and the flowage with which to read or just take in the beautiful scenery. We especially like the fishing seminars at the lake. What a gorgeous unspoiled shoreline the lake has! My teenage son loves feeding the chipmunks and looking for Charlie! 
We just LOVE WBV and the wonderful memories it has provided our family. We look forward to seeing you again on what will be our 3rd summer amongst many more summers to come. Thank you, friends, for sharing a little bit of your paradise with us and making us feel at home.
The Cooke Family
Lodi, WI
Vacationing since 2012

We first came to White Birch Village with our children. Now we have grandchildren that love to come to White Birch, too. We always enjoy our time at White Birch, and this includes those years when the weather was less than pleasant. There are plenty of activities as well as the opportunity to just relax and enjoy the beautiful Northwoods location of White Birch.
The Village staff is very nice and does a spectacular job of keeping the resort shipshape. Every year, we have the chance to socialize with those we have met in previous years and with the occasional “new folks.” We heartily recommend White Birch to all – you will not be disappointed!
Kathy Warzynski
Holmen, WI
Vacationing since 1993

White Birch is: 
The anticipation and excitement of the drive there
Seeing new features the resort has to offer on the first day
Week-long friendships that endure forever
Traditions and stories that bind both family and friends together
“Catching up” on a year’s worth of news while sunning at the beach
A brief taste of living with the North Woods wildlife
Watching the younger guests grow and mature towards adulthood over the years
The peaceful beauty of White Birch Lake
Quiet time on the pier watching beautiful sunrises or sunsets
The Tuesday potlucks with sweet corn and everyone’s best “dish to pass”
The resort picture albums of family groupings over the years
Dining, cards, and playing games as a family
Hearing fishing, boating, and golf stories, some of which are true!
Watching eagles soar and loons dive
A good book, a relaxed pace, and candy at the counter
Good times, fun adventures, and memories for a lifetime
The sadness of saying good bye tempered by knowing you will be back next year!
Just some of the reasons I love White Birch Village. 
John Paulsgrove
Rockford, IL
Vacationing since 1986

Not sure where to start! We found White Birth by accident a few years ago when looking for a vacation place. After our first year we couldn’t wait to re-book for the next year. Had to have the “Musky” again and head back. Perfect place for family vacations year after year. Sad to say our schedules have not allowed us to get there the last two years but WE WILL BE BACK!!!!!!
Amy Rukhaberlen
Belvidere, IL
Vacationing since 2011

We have been vacationing at White Birch Village for about five years. I wouldn’t stay anyplace else. 
The property is very peaceful and picturesque and clean. The houses (we’ve stayed at four different ones) are all beautiful inside. They are spacious, have very nice furniture and clean. Very, very, very clean. And most have lake views.
There are many activities to enjoy: fishing, swimming, hiking, among others. The main lodge (gorgeous!) has a big screen TV, movies to watch, games and cards to play. There’s even a library in which to check out books! And a computer with internet service. And, in the morning they put out a Keurig coffee/tea maker!
The owners are very friendly and accommodating.
White Birch Village is the BEST place to stay in the Northwoods!
Chris Lombardi
Crete, IL
Vacationing since 2009

I started coming late 80’s because my parents loved it. Then my sister started bringing her family and more and more relatives started coming. 
The special thing about White Birch is, not only does it keep improving every year (yeah, go figure…improve on an already ideal vacation spot) but each and every employee treats you like royalty. From the person who tidies the beach to the person who takes your reservation to the person who boils your corn at the weekly picnic. EVERY employee actually cares about you.
That is why I return year after year after year…..
Betsy (Levine) Ogan
Colorado Springs, CO
Vacationing since 1985

White Birch Village has been a blessing for a family vacation. As soon as we depart from home after our week stay at WBV, the kids are already asking when we will be going back and which cabin we will be staying in. WBV has something to offer our entire family with ages ranging from 4-17. It is a wonderful time to get in touch with each other, nature and other wonderful families that return each year.
Amanda Manor
Durand, WI
Vacationing since 2010

We have so many wonderful memories of White Birch. It started 32 years ago when we started coming up when our kids were 14 and 10 years of age. Our son John loves to fish and he would spend hours fishing the lakes. Now he has a son and we continue to come up to enjoy the many wonderful amenities that White Birch has to offer. It is a wonderful place to make many memories that last a life time for all of us. What a legacy for the Malmgren family.
Bob and Bev Peterson
Byron, IL
Vacationing since 1982

There are so many wonderful aspects of White Birch Village, that it was difficult to list them all. But, let me try. First it began with a beautiful and impressive drive into the resort. Everything was beautifully maintained. Then we were met in the office by Sue, who is so helpful and friendly and showed us the ropes and explained all the amenities of White Birch. When we stepped into one of their immaculately kept cabins, we immediately felt at home and that’s when the real fun began. Whether it was good times on the beach, a ride in a canoe, enjoying the gym and hot tub, doing a little fishing with the boat provided, enjoying the picturesque bike and hiking trails, or evenings spent around a lovely camp fire, the memories we made will always be treasured for years to come. “There’s no place like home” is a fitting description as to how we feel whenever we return to White Birch Village.
Al and Sandie Crossley
Amherst, WI
Vacationing since 2007

Judy and I have been coming to the Northwoods area for over 30years. After staying at White Birch Village we can only say WOW!!!!!!. The cottages were very clean and well maintained. The grounds were beautifully landscaped and groomed. All of the facilities were excellent. Both Sue & John are very accommodating and terrific to do business with. The lake is clean and great to fish. I just don’t know why it took us so long to find White Birch Village. A++++ rating.
Dennis and Judy Grzesiak
Orland Park, IL
Vacationing since 2013

We have been going to White Birch Village since before our children were born and have continued our annual trek to the north woods ever since. White Birch Village means vacation to us; our summer would not be complete without our trip up there. The home-like cabins, beautiful lake views and fire pit conversations allow us to relax and leave our home and work duties aside. We swim, fish, bike, play volleyball, and relax in the sun and on our deck, read, and play cards. It gives us time to re-connect with our immediate and extended family, as grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins often spend time with us as well. “WBV is a tradition; it would be sad if we didn’t return.” – says our 18-year old son. 
Bill & Cindy Wiedholz
Madison, WI
Vacationing since 1990

Where do we begin! Our family had such a wonderful time at White Birch Village celebrating Gordy and Sally’s 50th Wedding Anniversary. The oldest one there was 69 yrs. and the youngest was 6yrs.old. There was something for everyone to do. I think the two youngest had a lot of fun looking for Charlie and they learned so much about fishing and nature. We all enjoyed watching the eagles and getting great pictures. The staff does an excellent job taking care of the grounds and cabins, and the cabins, how beautiful they all were. We were very fortunate to be the first family to stay in the Eagles Nest, and all I can say is WOW!! Simply gorgeous! I hope we can all come back sometime soon. We will definitely recommend White Birch Village to our friends.
The Hartje Family
Kirkland, IL
Vacationing since 2013

About five years ago we organized a family vacation with members of extended family included. We chose White Birch Village since my parents took me here when I was a kid. Some of my fondest childhood memories were from my time here, and I really wanted my kids to have that same opportunity. I really never thought that what we started was going to be so special for my kids. They absolutely love our week at WBV with their cousins and grandparents; they talk about it all year and cannot wait to get back. For us adults it has proved to be a great destination to unwind and relax. The vacation homes are all beautiful and clean and the entire resort is extremely clean and well kept. Sue and John do a great job of making everyone feel at home and keep the kids entertained with Charlie, scavenger hunts and minnow races. The memories we have made so far are priceless and we look forward to many more this year at WBV.
The Draper Family 
McFarland, WI
Vacationing since 2010

Our family was lucky enough to find White Birch Village via a friend’s recommendation after years trying to find a great up north cottage for our family. As children we grew up spending a week at a cottage near Minocqua and it served as some of the best family memories. Now that all three of us have married and have our own children, we wanted to find a place where we all could go. White Birch Village was perfect in every way! Each family was able to have their own space, joining together as we chose for meals and activities. There is so much to do at White Birch Village; we never had to leave the resort. After the first day, family members were already asking how we sign up again for next year because it was an awesome place, providing wonderful family time together. We enjoyed getting to know other families at the resort too and look forward to catching up with them this coming summer. The beautiful natural setting, very clean and nice cottages, and a huge variety of activities offered will keep our family coming back for many years. Our children loved every minute and through this hard winter wanted to wear their White Birch Village shirts to remind them of the fun we will have again this summer. Thank you White Birch Village for the perfect up north escape!
The Haddock family, The Preboski famiy, and the Arnold Family
Appleton and Sun Prairie, WI
Vacationing since 2013

Our family has been vacationing at WBV for years. Our group ranges from infants to seniors and the resort is wonderful for all ages. There is not a more beautiful, clean and well managed resort! We all love it and I have always said it’s a little piece of heaven.
Patty Emer
Appleton, WI
Vacationing since 1985

In the late 40’s and early 50’s, the days of my youth, our family enjoyed memorable vacations at White Birch. Last year, my brother and I returned to again experience pristine waters, virgin-like shorelines and joyful fishing. Where else can you find this?
Jon Kolb
White Fish Bay, WI
Returned in 2012

White Birch Village, a family owned resort, has been our summer vacation spot for the past twenty plus years. My children, four, have grown up along with the many friends we have met over the years. My children have made lifelong friends with other guests and we can’t begin to express our gratitude for the friendly, beautiful, comfortable accommodations Carol, Dick, Sue and John have provided. Our memories include watching children grow into adult hood and their desire to always return to WBV for another year of family time. They travel from such faraway places as California, Colorado and Germany just to be at WBV. Each year new memories are made from skiing, swimming across the lake, engagement parties, beach time and all the activities WBV provides. As one of our friends from Rockford visited us one summer summed up the beautiful cottages and accommodations by saying “it’s better than their home, even the silver wear matches”. WBV will always be in our hearts when we talk about outstanding family times!
Peter Damby
Roscoe, IL
Vacationing since 1989